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Construction Plans

Project Development

Project development is perceived as a whole, from architectural elements to structural quality, from social model to environmental impacts and financial model. The business model created with this vision is transformed into a successful production by integrating the most competent experts in their fields into the team.



Being able to design and develop living spaces is even more special compared to many other business areas, as it requires wide range of expertise.



Our field of activity includes the contracting projects to be developed on lands, as well as developing housing, workplace and business projects by purchasing lands on our own account.





The unique TümYapı production model started in 1998 with the desire to create a decent living space in Zekeriyaköy region for financial market employees at an effective cost. The Doğa Evleri Project, as a first in its region, with its building quality and the added qualities to the living space, encouraged its founders to produce larger projects with wider participation.

Another project produced, this time, with the participation of around 800 bidders at the preliminary stage, brought the TümYapı organization to a whole new dimension. With the locating of a suitable land for the exceptıonal concept, the Finanskent project with 900 houses was developed next to the TEM Highway, opposite the Hasdal Barracks.

Bringing the business world and prestigious life together on Cendere Street, Porta Vadi shines like an oasis with a forest on one side and Sadabat Creek on the other in the heart of Istanbul with its mixed structure consisting of residences, offices and shops.



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Porta Valley

Hamidiye Mh, Cendere Cd

No: 103-2, T3 Blok, Floor: 1, Office: 6

Kagithane Istanbul 34408 TR

Tel: +90 (212) 323 41 77-78

Fax: +90 (212) 323 41 79


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